Avoid Single-Use Plastic and Embrace Water Refill Stations

by | Apr 19, 2022

Water is a necessity and many turn to single use plastic bottles in their efforts to stay hydrated. However, there’s a far better way to easily access water throughout your day simply by taking advantage of the many water refill stations located throughout the world.


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Simply put, plastic isn’t good for the environment – it takes an extreme amount of time to decompose. Moreover, single-use plastic water bottles are often irresponsibly discarded on roadways, beaches, and parking lots. The vast majority are never picked up, and the pile of debris gets larger and dirtier. Millions of water bottles end up in landfills, incinerators, and nature every single year – even those that are put in recycling often end up in landfills or nature despite the users efforts to reduce their environmental impact.

One way you can help reduce the impact of this problem is to stop using plastic water bottles in favor of refillable ones.


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Avoiding Single-Use Plastics

Avoiding single-use plastic is becoming easier and easier now that the number of water refill stations has grown. Finding locations to access tap water for free is far simpler now with apps designed exclusively to help you locate refill stations. Once you’ve located a station, simply bring your reusable bottle and fill it. It’s free, easy, and environmentally friendly. Each refill station provides access to quality drinking water that tastes fresh.

Even if you’re in an area with very few refill stations there are large capacity bottles on the market that can last you through the day with just a single fill up in the morning! (If you’re truly in a stitch, many beverage companies have switched to more eco friendly materials – think boxed water, recyclable cans and glass bottles, etc).



Making the Switch

Making the switch is easy, practical, and eco-friendly – Instead of relying on plastic single-use bottles, take advantage of water refill stations and the many reusable bottles on the market.

Nowadays, water bottles come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, prints, and looks – you can choose one that perfectly matches your lifestyle, needs, and even your aesthetic.

For example, if you’re a hiker you’re going to want something sizable, practical, and built to keep your water cold no matter how long you’re out on the trails. Single-use bottles are no match for a large, sleek, vacuum insulated CamelBak for instance.

Another aspect of refillable water bottles to keep in mind is that you will save money in the long run. It may seem cheap to buy a pack of plastic water bottles or grab a single one on your way to work each day but that quickly adds up compared to a single purchase that can last a lifetime.