by | Jul 5, 2022

If you’ve been searching for the perfect drinkware to last a lifetime you’ve likely come across WYLD Gear and YETI, and it makes sense – both brands have a similar mission with an emphasis on creating products that stand the test of time and suit every occasion. If this sounds familiar then you’re probably wondering how they differ and more importantly which brand is right for you – Let us break it down for you!



YETI and WYLD Gear have similar mission statements and similar roots with promises of a durable product perfect for all occasions. Just comparing their brand missions doesn’t shed too much light on which brand has the products to best suit your needs, however it is helpful to use as a standard to hold these brands to and see if in practice they fall short, so here we go…




WYLD Gear products come in a vast variety of colors available 24/7 – this is perfect for those who want a product truly tailored to their taste and aesthetic. YETI on the other hand only has a color variety in limited edition drops, for example their limited edition spring colors. This idea may be cool in that certain colored products are more rare but it does limit your options and leaves you out of luck if you don’t like the colors they have available at a given time.

Another thing that sets WYLD Gear apart is the small inventive twists to their designs. For example, nearly all of their drinkware comes with a handy bottle opener built-in to the bottom. They also have taken iconic drinkware and designed reusable, vacuum insulated, spill-proof, eco-friendly versions like the WYLD cup – an elevated version of the classic party cup.

Both brands create durable, leak-proof drinkware that keeps your cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot so these small touches make a real difference.



Another large difference between these two companies can be seen in their manufacturing processes. WYLD Gear products are designed entirely within the United States and their coolers are made in the US as well.

While some YETI Tundra Coolers are manufactured within the USA, most YETI products including some of their Tundra Coolers are made in manufacturing plants in China, the Phillippines, other parts of Asia, Mexico, and Italy.

This matters – there’s a reason why the majority of Americans prefer products made in the USA:

  1. Support Fair Wages and Safe Working Conditions: Buying domestic ensures that you’re supporting businesses that provide their employees fair compensation and a work environment that meets safety standards at the bare minimum – this also ensures you aren’t purchasing products made using child labor.
  2. Support American Jobs: Choosing products made in the USA supports the livelihood, jobs, and businesses of fellow citizens – this is especially helpful in times of turmoil and unemployment.
  3. Higher Quality Products: Domestic manufacturers must follow more stringent quality control procedures, may have to provide material traceability, and work more directly with their customers. Ultimately, this can lead to higher-quality products, which last longer.
  4. Faster Shipping: shipping domestically translates to streamlined production and faster delivery


If we compare their manufacturing processes to their mission, WYLD Gear sticks to their word – designing all and creating select products domestically ensures their products are made ethically and to the highest standards of quality.


Wyld gesr versus Yeti


Purchasing Options

WYLD Gear products are available for purchase in bulk orders through our site which is useful if you’re looking to purchase promotional items, employee gifts, etc.

The customization process is simple, easy, and truly tailored to you with a free graphic designer at your disposal, mix and match color options, and variable data imprinting options.

YETI products do not have this option – they do offer some customization services however it’s very limited. It costs an added $6 to $10 per side to add any sort of customization, if you want to upload your own branding you also have to pay an additional set up fee. There also aren’t any color options, any additions you make to the drinkware is done in a silver color only. YETI offers no free designer or variable data imprinting leaving customers with fewer personalization options.